Menstruation apps have asked their users when they have sex, about their contraception methods, their mood, their health history, their lifestyle, their habits… And they shared it with Facebook.
Today we shed light on their data sharing practice.


@manhack Thanks for sharing! We're also here :mastodon: if you don't want to link to our birdsite ;)

@privacyint @manhack

Back in 2016, a now-former colleague of mine did a (rather explicit) lecture about how *personal* personal data can get
Skipped to the fun part...

@manhack there's an app for that! (privacy-respecting period-tracking)

@tethre @manhack Ich habe mal nachgesehen und nix openSourciges für iOS gefunden.

Ich finde da sollte man mal was gegen tun. Hab nur leider weder ausreichend medizinische noch ausreichend Programmiererihsce Kompetenzen, ich kann nur hübsche logos und UI contributen. :(

@betalars @manhack Drip ist in React geschrieben, was sich afaik relativ einfach zu ios portieren lässt, so dich jemand dafür findet 🤷

period tracker 

@tethre @manhack On an unrelated note...

They called their app "drip" and their company "Bloody Health", when trans women on HRT have periods too, and they don't bleed.

But they didn't make the app pink because they designed the app "with gender inclusivity in mind". Ugh!!

period tracker 

@feli @manhack i guess it is gender-inclusive in the sense that they address needs of people with uteruses regardless of their gender (which is pretty cool in my opinion!), but then they don't specify/communicate that particularly clearly (which leaves room for improvement ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

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@tethre @manhack

i'm not complaining about the fact that they don't use pink, in order not to alienate afab trans people

but they are not "gender inclusive" if they completely leave out amab people for no reason whatsoever

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@feli @manhack ok. i think i need to read up on words in different contexts, because my understandings so far are clearly not sufficient :-s


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