Updated list of #ActivityPub projects in development and/or ready to use:

Twitter -> #Mastodon and #Pleroma

DropBox/Google Drive -> @nextcloud

YouTube -> #PeerTube ( @Chocobozzz )

Instagram -> @pixelfed and @anfora

GrooveShark -> @funkwhale

MeetUp -> @GetTogetherComm

Medium -> #Plume ( @BaptisteGelez ) and @write_as

Reddit -> @prismo and Anancus ( @tuxether )

Google Calendar -> @calendar_social

Feedly -> #ReadAs ( @write_as )

500px -> @peerpx

#Fediverse #federation


@switchingsocial @nooe @nextcloud Well, it's really kinda. They're using ActivityStreams, but all of their implementation was made before AP's publication and therefore isn't compatible with other implementations for instance.

@tcit Is this how they federate Nextcloud instances, or are there other use cases (e.g. making a file publicly available from the fediverse)? @switchingsocial @nooe @nextcloud

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