« LOL Nextcloud aren't using Bootstrap, what a bunch of noobs »

Dude like do you know a project that's happy to use Bootstrap ?

> plain css is next to impossible if you want it to work responsive regardless of the opinion pieces at some hackersblog.

I gave you a link to Mozilla's blog. What is wrong with you?

> people are resistant too change and modern technologies
> hiding behind technical excuses
> causing massive technical debt
> and now they can't handle the number of issues
> anyway, all the best. I really would love NC to succeed. I get out before I get kicked out for violating the CoC.


@tcit yeah bootstrap 4 is quite good and saves a lot of time (if you are happy with the default look)

@MightyPork Still quite hard to customize things and still really really huge if you don't import a component at a time.

Also, it's 2018 and it still requires jQuery.

@tcit you only need jQuery for a few components, but what would you propose instead?
re size you can pick and choose what scss files to import. But I found you end up using everything except maybe stuff like jumbotron

@MightyPork @tcit yeah I use it for a custom webapp on an intranet, well enough for the usage pattern.

@tcit Quand tu veux vraiment travailler sur l'UI c'est pas du tout adapté, fin j'ai pas à te convaincre mais tu peux lui filer le cas de Gitlab qui sont en train de faire machine arrière parce que c'est la merde (et ils ont fait des bons articles je crois)

@tixie Je me souviens pas que ces articles parlaient de Bootstrap.

@tcit It depends of the context, of the quote.

But, anyway: CSS is more and more flexible, and with a nice naming scheme, adding some SASS (it can help for DRY). But but but: it's not as flexible and performant as pure CSS.
It's more a global vision, than just "Do Bootstrap, Knaccs, Inouit of else… "

@Sp3r4z Context is given on the toot above.

Agreed of course.

@tcit Oh ok, I've not seen the first toot (down't know why :/ )
And lot of project are happy using Bootstrap, because of simplicity, and "ou of the box" :/
I've recently kick off Botostrap from project in my company, because of very strict shceme, no flexibility… It's really really painful when you have someone who design properly UI/UX :/

@Sp3r4z Yeah again I meant (general open-source) projects that care about UI/UX. Internal stuff and such are not important.

@tcit Internal (if you mean intranet stuff) are important, just because it should be deisgn with "graphic layout", or guidelines… can be the same as extranet, or a specific one.
It shows how a company care about users, in fact. For me, this should be really strict, hard and inflexible.

What is the image/presentation of a society where you show/present nice softs but you have a terrible background: really shitty and bad looking atmosphere :/

@tcit but people and start-ups don't care about that, "people are so dumb, I don't want to care about that, they just pay and that's all"… some of my team-mate are people like that "It's to hard to code, and I'm so lazy, they have to don't mistake any part, that's all"…
SO stupid ones :/

@tcit I guess some are just heavily focused on bootstrap.
Which is based on CSS anyway, their argument is completely broken.
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