@tcit actually good description despite weird article name

@tcit the article highlights the harsher side of reality of open source devs, but puts it in a metaphor that's easy to understand. a lot of respect for devs

@tcit software-freedom is not at all a model that has *won*. Far from it. Though it's true that data-mining and privacy is an *additional* issue.

> absurdity of talking about a personal freedom that depends mainly on hidden people working for free

That's absurd because it's a straw-man. Nobody talks like that.

The *main* parties that exploit free software the most are the same capitalists that exploit and underpay janitors and other laborers… What else would you expect from them?

@tcit i think you've got some good points in there, specifically about giving attention to the folks who are actually building and maintaining the software and communities around FOSS.

for me, the phrase "free as in toilet" doesn't really help though. mainly becausei feel it conjures up odd imagery. after reading your piece i was thinking more about "free as in soup kitchen", but i don't think that rolls off the tongue well either.

regardless, thanks for sharing =)

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