Vous avez quoi comme traduction française d'allowlist (à la place de liste blanche) ?

It's bi visibility day. This means: time to change the mascot :) Happy bi visibility day everyone :) :bisexual_flag:

Coucou les nantais, je cherche un·e prof·fe de LSF pour des cours particuliers (idéalement nantes sud). Vous auriez des recos ?

Oh, reminder: tomorrow (23th September) is Celebrate Bisexuality Day! :bisexual_flag:

Mention d'alcool 

Moi : la Chartreuse dans l'ouest de la France c'est hyper cher
Aussi moi : fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chartreu 👀

The sky tonight was kinda incredible.

The thing is, I don't remember the actual colour,,, so I can't treat them probably. I took the pictures while on the phone so.... And didn't check the default white balance of my camera... so... yeah, I don't know how accurate those shots are. I was mostly interested in the textured. They look so fluffy in that orange light. It's incredible