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Time for a second call to translation! 💬

If you have some time this weekend and know one of the following languages, please consider translating a few sentences of #PeerTube ! :peertube:

- #arabic: 33% translated
- #russian: 42% translated
- #japanese: 28% translated
- #polish: 54% translated
- #portuguese: 0% translated
- #danish: 0% translated
- #tamil: 3% translated
- #esperanto: 61% translated
- #persian: 12% translated

If you have never joined the effort, here is how to get started:

boosts appreciated :blobcat:

Bon, ben c'est officiel, il y aura une présentation #Funkwhale aux journées du libre à Lyon, le 6 ou le 7 avril 2019 🎉 (le créneau n'est pas encore fixé)

Je compte également soumettre une proposition d'atelier de contribution à destination pour apprendre par l'exemple comment participer à un projet comme Funkwhale sans connaissance préalable.

Did a little Battle Angel Alita inspired cosplay, maybe i do a real one later if i have time

Est-ce qu'il y un·e dev, UX, webdesigner, artiste, sociologue qui a envie de renforcer son expérience/pratique dans le cadre d'un projet de transparence des finances publiques, à/vec la Mairie de Montreuil ?

Si t'as envie mais que tu ne te sens pas légitime, ça m'intéresse encore plus de créer un cadre (de travail) qui protège.


Where do these people find the time? I'm making todo lists even when I need to fix a typo inside a README file.

It's like the maintainer of Calibre that wants to maintain Python2 just by themselves.

Who are these people?

« Originally Volt app was written in Go, but after a couple of weeks of development I decided to re-write it in C for two reasons: easier integration with existing C graphics and UI libraries and much smaller binaries. The app size reduced from ~5 MB to ~100 KB.

C development is not very productive, so I spent two weeks in October 2017 to create a very light and minimalistic language that can seamlessly interop with C. I called it V (the name is not final). »

Je suis le seul à voir un message réac dans ce strip que j'ai l'impression que les personnes l'ayant partagé ratent (oui, je suis au courant de qui est l'auteur) ?

Turns out the current German federal data protection commissioner, @ulrichkelber, has an active Mastodon account!
It's really great to see that Mr. Kelber is active where much of the IT - and especially privacy - community are, instead of only on the big, privacy-violating social networks.

Nicky Larson et le parfum de Cupidon, Blague homophobe Show more

I may or may not have broken my @matrix instance while updating to 0.99

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