Does anyone know of a Foss alternate foe pocket

@kev @lxzio yup. I replaced Pocket with @wallabag and I think it's a good replacement. I didn't really have an issue with Pocket, I just started using my phone without Google Apps and it was the best self hostable alternative I could find.

Tiens, je suis abonné à Mediacités et je me rends compte que l'outil que j'utilise pour stocker les articles que j'ai pas le temps de lire — @wallabag, que ça s'appelle — gère déjà ça nativement. J'allais contribuer au projet mais même pas la peine.

En passant, y'a un article intéressant chez Médiacités :
Patrick Ollier, président du Grand Paris, dans le collimateur d’Anticor

#wallabag is 8 years old 🎂

It's time to offer you some gifts. Height gifts 🎁

Do you want to play? So read this blog post:

Good luck!

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @wallabag - Article storage system, FOSS alternative to Mozilla Pocket

🌟 @sajan - Surreal and distinctive artist/illustrator, with a 1950s Asian aesthetic

🌟 @tuxdevices - Independent news site about phones and tablets running Linux

🌟 @snikket_im & @xmpp & @matrix & @delta & @briar - Decentralised FOSS alternatives to Signal

🌟 @ubuntustudio - Linux distro for creative people, with lots of preinstalled arty software

@wallabag Well done! Wallabag is one of my most used services, thank you for many years of reading.

Today, I’m 8 🎂

Today, wallabag v2 is 5 (

Just a toot to thank you to be here for so long 😘🎉

Pocket has the advantage of benefiting from Firefox' reader mode and properly showing the article content.
I acknowledge that Wallabag isn't as mature as Pocket is and can botch content fetching. But there are folks prioritizing privacy over convenience who may prefer to self host Wallabag and give up on unique features and polish of Pocket.

Even if Wallabag app may fail to show article content, it is a good bookmark manager with tag support.

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