@wallabag I self hosted an instance over the weekend and I love it so far. One feature I couldn't find in the API that existed in the UI was exporting "tagged"(unread, tagged etc) content as a single file (PDF, mobi, epub etc.)

I'd love to see this to create a workflow where I can generate a week's unread articles into a mobi and email it to my Kindle. Would it be possible to add? (I don't have PHP knowhow to develop this myself.)

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended accounts to follow:

🌟 @PixelDroid - Android app for @pixelfed

🌟 @Matomo - Self-hostable libre privacy-aware alternative to Google Analytics

🌟 @GoatsLive - Sweet livestream of two goats on a Linux-powered farm

🌟 @wallabag - Free open source alternative to Pocket

🌟 @Carnet - Free open source alternative to Google Keep

🌟 @gcluley - InfoSec expert with a blog and podcast

Wallabag is a free open source alternative to Pocket and other article-saving services. You can follow them here:


Their website is at wallabag.org

There are apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Firefox, Chrome, Kindle, Kobo and others. It is also compatible with RSS readers.

You can self-host your own instance for free, or use the paid-for flagship instance at wallabag.it

#Wallabag #Pocket #Articles #FLOSS #FOSS #Libre #Alternatives #SelfHosting #RSS

After years of not checking my old @wallabag 1.x instance, I now installed Wallabag 2.x on my @yunohost machine.

Ui looks very polished and Wallabag Android App from @fdroidorg works like a charm. Thanks to the three Projects which made it a 5 minute task to get it running 🙂👍

I'm optimistic I can make my read-it-later more efficient again.

Bonjour !

#JeChercheUnJob et mon CV est dispo ici nicolas.loeuillet.org/cv

Je suis développeur #PHP, je peux donner des formations.

Localisation : Pas-de-Calais ou télétravail.
Dispo pour septembre.

Contactez-moi par mail nicolas@loeuillet.org pour qu'on discute ensemble. Ou alors vous pouvez repoueter svp ❤️

La comodità di usare #wallabag per tenere traccia degli articoli che ti interessa leggere non ha prezzo, se poi lo fai con self hosting con @yunohost meglio ancora 🙂

A draft for ajax actions on an article

If you like javascript, help is welcomed.

Je suis en train de me cogner le CHANGELOG pour la 2.4.0 de @wallabag et j'avais oublié qu'on supportait MathJax maintenant ;-) je ne sais plus si je vous en avais parlé ici.

Je ressors des archives.

Celle-là date d'il y a un peu plus de 6 ans et est à l'origine du nom wallabag


Seven years ago.

(please raise your hand those who know this screen 🖐)

J'ai marqué cet article comme lu et la page ne s'est pas rechargée.

#teasing #wallabag

@djelouze @wallabag
Ouais je m'y suis mis et cette merde est vachement bien.
Les longs articles sont sur ma liseuse maintenant.

Bonjour !

Vous partagez tellement d'articles qu'il va falloir que je me mette à @wallabag

Quel. Dommage.

New pull request for @wallabag to enhance navigation menu on material theme.

Do you like it?

(before / after)

Petite PR en cours pour @wallabag : pouvoir lister les articles sur lesquels on a mis des annotations.


Poll: when you read an article, where do you want to see action buttons? Please reply by choosing your prefered screen in the attached pictures.

1 - the current screen
2 - a sticky top navbar
3 - a menu available at the bottom right (on hover, the items are visible) (two pictures to see the behavior)

y'a des gens qui veulent tester la sauvegarde des articles par mail ?
Allez voir du côté de app.wallabag.it/config et suivez les consignes.

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