We've just released the Android app :android:​ 2.2.3 with a couple of fixes.

:google: Just released on​ Google Play
:f_droid: Maybe wait a couple of hours or a few days
:github:​ APKs and changelog github.com/wallabag/android-ap

We've just released the Android app :android:​ 2.2.3 with a couple of fixes.

:google: Just released on​ Google Play
:f_droid: Maybe wait a couple of hours or a few days
:github:​ APKs and changelog github.com/wallabag/android-ap

In the next version a few queries have been significantly improved, so your @wallabag should run faster!

Thanks to our great contributors. 😘


J'étais en train de relire des vieux billets sur mon blog et je viens de réagir : tu sais que @wallabag a plus de 6 ans maintenant ? 😱
Je n'y suis plus trop actif (pour l'instant) mais le projet vit encore ❤️
Merci @tcit @j0k d'être là depuis très longtemps.

The save-an-article service Pocket is useful, but it's also proprietary and tracks you.

There's a privacy-friendly free open alternative called #Wallabag you can use instead.

They have an official instance where you can sign up, suitable for non-technical users:


There's also a project website which tells tech users how to self-host their own instance:


You can follow Wallabag on here at:


#Pocket #Alternatives

👀 We have some questions about our documentation.

We can't maintain all translations up to date.
We are wondering if we should just remove all translations & keep the english one OR keep all of them but not up to date...

What do you think? 🤔


A major update for the wallabag app for iOS devices has been released. 🙌📱🍎

We're doing cleanup in the issues list ahead of the 2.4 release. 🧹 ✨ github.com/wallabag/wallabag/i

One of the key components in @wallabag named Graby and developed by @j0k just got it's 2.0 release github.com/j0k3r/graby/release

Apart from being used in @wallabag, Graby can be used in any PHP project to retrieve article content in web pages.

A new #testing version is available for #Wallabag in #Yunohost, with some cool improvements 🙂, including v2.3.7, fail2ban support, package upgrade, bug fixes.

Please give it a try and tell us if everything works well 🙂
See : forum.yunohost.org/t/official-

PS: 2.3.8 and some backup size reduction might be ready in time too.

Une nouvelle version de test #testing is dispo de @wallabag pour @yunohost avec des améliorations sympas 🙂, notamment la version 2.3.7, le support de fail2ban, une mise à niveau du paquet et des corrections de bug.

Essayez-la et dites nous si tout fonctionne correctement 🙂
Plus d'infos : forum.yunohost.org/t/official-

PS: la 2.3.8 et une réduction de la taille des sauvegardes seront potentiellement prêts à temps.

It's... #FollowFriday :gentleblob:

📰 @wallabag Wallabag: Free open alternative to Pocket

📄 @LimeSurvey LimeSurvey: Free open alternative to Google Forms

👣 @gnome GNOME: Makers of a free open desktop environment

🌐 @cwebber Christopher Lemmer Webber: One of the creators of ActivityPub

🐐 @GoatsLive Goats Live: Aww... The everyday adventures of a pair of pet goats

Previous #FF:


(Note that if you're using a device under Android < 5, you'll now need to use the app-release-legacy.apk file. F-Droid builds don't work anymore, GooglePlay store distribution still does)

Also last week version 2.2.1 of the Android App was released with a special theme for e-ink devices: github.com/wallabag/android-ap

Hi everybody!
We released version 2.3.8 yesterday with - among other things - a fix for a PHP issue github.com/wallabag/wallabag/r
This will probably be the last release before version 2.4.0

We need some help to test the lastest #Wallabag version for #Yunohost 🙂
More info here : forum.yunohost.org/t/official-


On a besoin d'aide pour tester la dernière version de @wallabag pour @yunohost 🙂

Plus d'info ici : forum.yunohost.org/t/official-

@talou @tcit

#liseuses #LogicielLibre #Pocketbook #wallabag

Bon ben Plop!-Reader installé avec succès sur ma liseuse Touch HD Plus, synchronisée avec l'instance Wallabag hébergée sur Framabag.org.

Du coup:
Dans Firefox: 1 clic pour mettre un article de côté dans Wallabag.

Sur ma liseuse je tape "synchro" et il me récupère tous les articles de Wallabag au format epub.

Nickel 👍

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