We published a first beta for the next Android app :android:​ version. It fixes an issue, adds a settings option, changes a few things behind the scenes and now displays the article's author and publication date, if retrieved by

:google:​ The beta is available to those enrolled in the beta program. You can join by following the instructions on this link
:github:​ An APK and changelog is available here

Also with this version we dropped support for Android versions before 5.0 (Lollipop).
We previously handled two different versions of the code base to support Android versions older than 5.0, and that's not really handy, that why we would prefer getting rid of this.
Anyway if you're reading this and you're (still) using an Android < 5.0 device, feel free to let us know that you do.
According to Google Play that's only very few devices, but it might be different through F-Droid.

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Running Android 4.4 here :)
but definitely reading articles on my PC rather than mobile tbh though..

@kiudecan If your device vendor doesn't support your device anymore, you may be interested in looking how to install LineageOS. Staying behind updates is not really safe.

@wallabag thanks for the piece of advice! Wiko the manufacterer abandonned updating the OS long ago.. not worth it for them.
I've been digging towards flashing a new rom, but as far as I understand it, not many custom rom have been adapted to my device up to now

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