The save-an-article service Pocket is useful, but it's also proprietary and tracks you.

There's a privacy-friendly free open alternative called #Wallabag you can use instead.

They have an official instance where you can sign up, suitable for non-technical users:

There's also a project website which tells tech users how to self-host their own instance:

You can follow Wallabag on here at:


#Pocket #Alternatives

@hyde_stevenson Hi,
For now 2FA is only available through email.

But version 2.4 will bring OTP/Google Authenticator support.

@switchingsocial @hyde_stevenson It definitely is. People at Mozilla have been asking for months on how鈥檚 the open-sourcing process鈥檚 going on鈥

@hyde_stevenson Yup. Looks like

Did you set the domain name correctly and ran wallabag:install (should have been included in the make command) ?

@switchingsocial @hyde_stevenson It鈥檚 still proprietary. Extensions sources are of no real use.

馃憖 We have some questions about our documentation.

We can't maintain all translations up to date.
We are wondering if we should just remove all translations & keep the english one OR keep all of them but not up to date...

What do you think? 馃

A major update for the wallabag app for iOS devices has been released. 馃檶馃摫馃崕

We're doing cleanup in the issues list ahead of the 2.4 release. 馃Ч 鉁

One of the key components in @wallabag named Graby and developed by @j0k just got it's 2.0 release

Apart from being used in @wallabag, Graby can be used in any PHP project to retrieve article content in web pages.

A new #testing version is available for #Wallabag in #Yunohost, with some cool improvements 馃檪, including v2.3.7, fail2ban support, package upgrade, bug fixes.

Please give it a try and tell us if everything works well 馃檪
See :

PS: 2.3.8 and some backup size reduction might be ready in time too.

Une nouvelle version de test #testing is dispo de @wallabag pour @yunohost avec des am茅liorations sympas 馃檪, notamment la version 2.3.7, le support de fail2ban, une mise 脿 niveau du paquet et des corrections de bug.

Essayez-la et dites nous si tout fonctionne correctement 馃檪
Plus d'infos :

PS: la 2.3.8 et une r茅duction de la taille des sauvegardes seront potentiellement pr锚ts 脿 temps.

It's... #FollowFriday :gentleblob:

馃摪 @wallabag Wallabag: Free open alternative to Pocket

馃搫 @LimeSurvey LimeSurvey: Free open alternative to Google Forms

馃懀 @gnome GNOME: Makers of a free open desktop environment

馃寪 @cwebber Christopher Lemmer Webber: One of the creators of ActivityPub

馃悙 @GoatsLive Goats Live: Aww... The everyday adventures of a pair of pet goats

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