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In one week, we published three (3 !) beta versions for the next version of the Android :android:​ app.

Please help us by testing the app and looking for bugs 🐛 :
:google:​ through Google Play
:github:​ Download the APK on Github
:f_droid:​ Unfortunately beta releases are currently not build by F-Droid.

Last week , an open-source online feed reader introduced Pages, their read-it-later feature.

We would like to welcome them in the read-it-later world 👋

Also with this version we dropped support for Android versions before 5.0 (Lollipop).
We previously handled two different versions of the code base to support Android versions older than 5.0, and that's not really handy, that why we would prefer getting rid of this.
Anyway if you're reading this and you're (still) using an Android < 5.0 device, feel free to let us know that you do.
According to Google Play that's only very few devices, but it might be different through F-Droid.

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We published a first beta for the next Android app :android:​ version. It fixes an issue, adds a settings option, changes a few things behind the scenes and now displays the article's author and publication date, if retrieved by

:google:​ The beta is available to those enrolled in the beta program. You can join by following the instructions on this link
:github:​ An APK and changelog is available here

We've just released the Android app :android:​ 2.2.3 with a couple of fixes.

:google: Just released on​ Google Play
:f_droid: Maybe wait a couple of hours or a few days
:github:​ APKs and changelog

We've just released the Android app :android:​ 2.2.3 with a couple of fixes.

:google: Just released on​ Google Play
:f_droid: Maybe wait a couple of hours or a few days
:github:​ APKs and changelog

In the next version a few queries have been significantly improved, so your @wallabag should run faster!

Thanks to our great contributors. 😘

J'étais en train de relire des vieux billets sur mon blog et je viens de réagir : tu sais que @wallabag a plus de 6 ans maintenant ? 😱
Je n'y suis plus trop actif (pour l'instant) mais le projet vit encore ❤️
Merci @tcit @j0k d'être là depuis très longtemps.

👀 We have some questions about our documentation.

We can't maintain all translations up to date.
We are wondering if we should just remove all translations & keep the english one OR keep all of them but not up to date...

What do you think? 🤔

A major update for the wallabag app for iOS devices has been released. 🙌📱🍎

We're doing cleanup in the issues list ahead of the 2.4 release. 🧹 ✨

One of the key components in @wallabag named Graby and developed by @j0k just got it's 2.0 release

Apart from being used in @wallabag, Graby can be used in any PHP project to retrieve article content in web pages.

(Note that if you're using a device under Android < 5, you'll now need to use the app-release-legacy.apk file. F-Droid builds don't work anymore, GooglePlay store distribution still does)

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Also last week version 2.2.1 of the Android App was released with a special theme for e-ink devices:

Hi everybody!
We released version 2.3.8 yesterday with - among other things - a fix for a PHP issue
This will probably be the last release before version 2.4.0

@talou @tcit

#liseuses #LogicielLibre #Pocketbook #wallabag

Bon ben Plop!-Reader installé avec succès sur ma liseuse Touch HD Plus, synchronisée avec l'instance Wallabag hébergée sur

Du coup:
Dans Firefox: 1 clic pour mettre un article de côté dans Wallabag.

Sur ma liseuse je tape "synchro" et il me récupère tous les articles de Wallabag au format epub.

Nickel 👍

@wallabag vous ne pouvez pas mettre des trackers comme tout le monde plutôt que d'emmerder les gens !

Nous conduisons une petite enquête pour cerner qui vous êtes, vous, utilisateurs de . Avec ce questionnaire, nous espérons en savoir un peu plus sur vous, afin que wallabag colle encore plus à vos attentes. Et si vous êtres volontaires pour aller plus loin dans cet échange, il y a une question pour ça dans le questionnaire. Laissez votre adresse courriel, et nous reviendrons bientôt vers vous.

Le questionnaire est ouvert pour un mois, c'est par ici :

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