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Et j'ai commencé à me faire un thème stylus pour @wallabag , histoire de nordifier le thème sombre.

Comme quoi, c'est utile les pannes d'instance de fediverse.

I installed @wallabag yesterday and I wonder why I did not do it earlier. This is a fantastic tool. Thanks to the developers!

Vous savez pourquoi @Mediapart, @lesjoursfr ou encore @mdiplo sont parmi les meilleurs medias numériques ?

Non seulement parce qu'ils sont sur Mastodon mais aussi, parce que lorsque vous êtes abonnés, vous pouvez utiliser comme outil de lecture différée, grâce à vos identifiants (ils sont chiffrés, personne n'y a accès).

Bonne lecture à vous !

.@wallabag — a self-hosted open-source app for saving web pages. This app allows you to save articles and read them later — anywhere, on any device.


Does anyone know of a Foss alternate foe pocket

@kev @lxzio yup. I replaced Pocket with @wallabag and I think it's a good replacement. I didn't really have an issue with Pocket, I just started using my phone without Google Apps and it was the best self hostable alternative I could find.

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @wallabag - Article storage system, FOSS alternative to Mozilla Pocket

🌟 @sajan - Surreal and distinctive artist/illustrator, with a 1950s Asian aesthetic

🌟 @tuxdevices - Independent news site about phones and tablets running Linux

🌟 @snikket_im & @xmpp & @matrix & @delta & @briar - Decentralised FOSS alternatives to Signal

🌟 @ubuntustudio - Linux distro for creative people, with lots of preinstalled arty software

Today, I’m 8 🎂

Today, wallabag v2 is 5 (

Just a toot to thank you to be here for so long 😘🎉

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